Content Creation at Salt Creek

(Click on photos to enlarge) Today I was able to get into just about every classroom and take a look at some of the student work that is cropping up around campus and it is quite enjoyable to see what our students are already producing under your guidance.  Here’s a directed drawing from Kindergarten (Delgado) from the famous book, “No, David”.  See – those Kinders are already following directions to a T!!!

5th Grade has started a rotation studying artists and their styles and the students have come up with their own cubist version of an autobiography.  Here are two great examples.

Feel free to stop by the 500 building to see some more of these high quality pieces of art and personal expression.

Many teachers have students writing about themselves in creative and unique ways. Ms. Schultze class did an acrostic with their first name and came up with creative and powerful vocabulary to describe themselves.  My favorite line by Richard is that he is a “Conspiracy Thinker thinks about a lot of things”.

And, look at this wonderful Bio Poem from Ms. Escamilla’s class also demonstrating the power of language.

Ms. Haber had her students take a slightly different twist on the same theme as seen in this example.

With your expert guidance, our students can create beautiful and powerful pieces to inspire and enlighten their peers and the rest of our Salt Creek community.


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