Round 1 Collaboration

We are gearing up for our first round of collaboration next week.  Here is some important information to make it a success for our students and staff.

We have hired the following individuals:

Gloria Miramontes = Art

Yvette Lozano = Art

Diana Sanchez = Drama

Ana Hradsky = Music/Voice


Our final individual will most likely be Catherine Celestial, however we are negotiating the details.  We have a sub planned for PE the first week.

You’ll notice there is no technology, therefore the lab will be open for the normally scheduled activities.

Here is the schedule for next Week.  Please review at your convenience for errors with lunch schedules/new room numbers, etc.  I’m sure you’ll find some conflicts that I missed.

Round 1

Also, here is the most recent schedule for the entire year:

Collab schedule 2012-13

Both of these documents are on Dropbox > Salt Creek Staff > Collaboration

Please place your agendas in Dropbox in that same folder under your grade level and use this format for the title:

Grade_Agenda_8/14/12  (e.g. 4th_Agenda_8/16/12

I already have agendas for 2nd and 5th

Please leave any ideas, suggestions, or corrections or things to do in the comments section so everyone knows of changes.

Thanks for all your efforts. I’m confident we will have some fantastic professional dialogue and high quality products from our time together.


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