Writing Planning

As you plan your lessons in your grade levels in Friday, here are some things to keep in mind.

1.  Please refer to your summary of strengths and next steps from last Friday.

2.  Utilize the 6 Traits book as a resource for addressing your identified needs.

3.  Pay attention to our Salt Creek Beliefs about Writing in every lesson.

  1. We believe students should see high quality models for every writing that they do.
  2. We believe that all writing should have a clear purpose and authentic audience that students value and understand.
  3. We believe all writing should be published for real audiences.
  4. We believe in creating a culture of revision for high quality.
  5. We believe that students should have choice of topic, genre, and purpose within a structure.
  6. We believe that writing should be celebrated and enjoyed.
  7. We believe that students should write every day.
  8. We believe that consistency in editing marks, language, and writing tools will help students write well.

4.  Also, note the NEXT STEPS you identified as a staff in our July meeting:

  1. Modeling: students, samples from literature and past
  2. Publishing and authenticity, focus on purpose
  3. Common Editing
  4. Writing Tools Folders

Finally, please place your completed lessons in the following Dropbox Folder

Salt Creek Staff > Collaboration > Your Grade Level and please title it as follows

GradeLevel_Narrative_Focus (e.g. 3rd_Narrative_Hook or 4th_Summary_Detail)

Let me know if you have any questions.


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