Creating Balanced Classes

While it’s fresh in my mind, I wanted to note a few things that we can do a little better  in May 2013 when we create classes for next year.

1.  Make sure that we only put Combo-like students in all combos.  Some of the students recommended for combos were either quite low or immature for their age.  The profile for the ideal combo student has been provided in the past and will be provided next year when you sit down to make classes.  Let’s stick to that criteria to create classes that have the best chance of success for all students.

2.  Balance the number of struggling students among a grade level.   We should strive for an equal amount of SST students in each class and balance those students with our RSP population.  For example, if Shannon places 4 RSP students in one class for push-in, that teacher should have less SST students.  The number of SST students in several grade levels was a little unbalanced and can be more equally divided with careful attention.

I just wanted to make sure we had a record of these issues as a reminder for next year when we sit down again to build classes.  Thanks for your cooperation and teamwork in supporting your grade level team to have a successful year with the current make-up of students.


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