Data Analysis and Site Planning

Now that we have our CST data, we will look at trends both positive and negative to determine how best to modify our school plan for the benefit of our students.  We will use Friday’s staff meeting to discuss, brainstorm and draft our plan.  Before Friday, please review the following

1.  The CST performance of your class

2.  CST growth by tch 2012 (file in dropbox) to determine classroom trends

3.  CST Grade Level Growth (file in dropbox) to determine grade level trends

4.  Local Measures results (I understand these should be in OARS, but some were having difficulty.  I’ll research on Monday and let you know how to access)

When reviewing your class, grade level and school data here are some guiding questions for reflection.

1.  What do I believe were the actions that led to positive growth in ____ areas.

2.  In what area do I/we need more support, attention and PD?

3.   What do I/we need to stop doing?

Looking forward to building and improving on our work again this year.


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