White Boards and Markers

I’m going to do a school order for mini-white boards. ┬áPlease let me know how many you need and which markers are best (I’ll buy one type based on the most popular request)


7 thoughts on “White Boards and Markers

  1. I would like 31 mini white boards please. I am not partial to any particular brand or type of white board marker.
    Thank You

  2. I need 10 more mini-whiteboards and a set of markers (large, not “pen” – sized). One parent recommended the eraseable crayons as a substitute for the markers…just an idea. I don’t know the cost difference (less, perhaps?). Thank you.


  3. I entered my response in the data fields, but just in case my response goes into a technology abyss, I would like my order reflected like the others’ blog responses. Would you kindly order 28 black EXPO markers and 26 whiteboards for my class. Thank you.

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