Communication Clarification

We have embarked on some new tools this year and some of that newness as well as non-explicit expectations on my part have caused a little confusion and frustration.  Here is an attempt to clarify how I will be using these communication tools with staff.

Dropbox – This is the preferred location for sharing files.  I will use this when there are files that I’m sharing with grade levels or the entire staff.  Please use this for your collaboration agendas, notes, and supporting documents.

Blog – That would be this website right here.  I will still make the vast majority of my requests to the staff through this medium. Remember that all of the posts are searchable so that you can find older posts and using this tool will help keep your  will email accounts from getting overloaded.

E-mail – I will use this for grade level or teacher specific communication.

Edmodo – I will not be using this at this time for consistent schoolwide communication. I used it for your technology goal simply to demonstrate it as a tool that you might find useful for your class. Some teachers are digging deeper into Edmodo, but once again, at this time, I’m not planning on storing critical documents on this platform.

In conclusion, the only new communication tool is Dropbox and I’m glad to meet with anyone or send Marco or Beth your way if you still are having trouble accessing or using this tool.   I hope this clarifies the communication tools that I’ll be using this year.  I welcome your feedback, comments, or questions below.



2 thoughts on “Communication Clarification

  1. Are all the files from the L Drive going to uploaded or do we still access this doc file as well as Dropbox? Also, in the past we have emailed you are collab. notes & grade-level agendas. Do you want us to just upload these to Dropbox and NOT send an email at all?

    • L Drive files should probably stay where they are as the FREE Dropbox account is limited to 2G of space. Everyone should probably avoid photos and videos as much as possible as they are very large files. Collaboration notes and agendas should go directly to Dropbox, email not needed. Thanks

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