Report Cards and Conferences

Please submit to me a copy of your conference schedule before next Thursday, September 13 (Dropbox folder “Fall Conference Schedules” – Be sure to put your name in the title).  If there is a particular conference you would like me or Natalie to attend, please let us know so we can schedule appropriately.

I will not be reading report cards this quarter.  They should all be going home on Wednesday, September 19.  If you are ready, you can also provide a copy to parents at the time of their conference.

A few guidelines for report card comments:

Using data is helpful, and data needs to be shared assuming parents don’t know about educational jargon.  Please use phrases like “above grade level”, “at grade level” and “below grade level” alongside data points so parents understand the context.

STAR scores are not appropriate data points for report cards.  That number is to be used to help students find an appropriate zone of independent reading levels, but it is not an assessment that should be used for reporting student reading progress. Stick with your running records data.

When students have multiple academic concerns, feel free to make those concerns clear and detailed, but only give the parents one or two areas of focus at home.

Thanks a million. Let me know if you have any questions.


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