New Lunch Procedures

Today we will be implementing a different structure for lunch seating and dismissal.  Please give your students a few brief tips that will help them prepare for the changes.

1. They will line up at the wall after recess as previously.

2.  Students will no longer need to sit by class. They can sit with anyone they like, however…

3. Students will fill up each table one at a time in order guided by the noon duty and administration.

4.  Students will be dismissed to line up one table at a time.

5.  The benches now have an open middle row where the food condiments and trash cans are located.

We see several benefits of this structure.  The two most prominent are that students will be responsible for their table (approximately 12 students) to clean and pick up before being dismissed.  The students will be dismissed in the order in which they sit down so that they should all have an equal amount of time to eat.  Thanks in advance for giving your kids a brief heads up.


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