Evaluations for 2012-13

Here is a list of the teachers being evaluated this year and the administrator assigned to each teacher:

Teacher Evaluator
Renee Jones Winters
Lynn Allinger Winters
Heather De los Reyes Winters
Lee Lidstone Winters
Elia Hernandez Winters
Regina Keyes-Hernandez Winters
Brenda Marquez Winters
Kristin Hansen Winters
Kimberly Laws Winters
Amy Fallon Winters
Stephanie Petitt Winters
Bill Ricketts Winters
Jholei Evans Winters
Robin Jones Winters
Jennifer Mielke Winters
Thuy Schultze Winters
Bernadette Escalona Winters
Angelica Sandoval Martinez
Kimberly Hale Martinez
Madeline Muhlbach Martinez
Gavin Kelly Winters
Laura Chan Winters
Michele Dube Winters
Lucy Jimenez Winters
Shannon Cleator Martinez
Catherine Celestial Martinez
Diana Sanchez Martinez



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