Today’s Grade Level Meeting

While Checking for Understanding this morning about the expectations for today’s meeting, I realized that I was not nearly clear enough with everyone about what you all will be working on this afternoon, so here is the straight scoop!

You are meeting in Grade Level teams to LASW.

You should have given a cold prompt on expository writing (4th Grade/narrative) either at the end of 1st quarter or this week so that you can determine your students’

a) strengths

b) areas of greatest need

Please put your grade level summary in this document that we started in August (Scroll down for the 2nd quarter table)

This information will assist your grade level when you work together next Friday to develop a common writing lesson to address the area of greatest need using the 6 Traits resources and any other resource your grade level has at their disposal.

Please put the location of your meeting in the comments so Natalie and I can come by to provide support or clarification.  Cheers!




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