Collaboration This Week

Here is some information in anticipation of the topics that I’ve put on your collaboration.  Because I want us to look at Smarter Balanced Release items together I want all grade levels meeting in a classroom or the conference room since it’s impossible to project something in the hallways.  Thanks!

1.  Rochelle Carroll will be coming on Tues and Wed at 10:30 and Natalie will cover for her on Thursday at 10:30  She will go over the finer points of OARS and our goal is to get inputed or nearly inputed your Running Records and Writing Prompt scores from the end of 1st quarter as well as review some of the reporting available.

2.  Open-Ended Assessments.  I will clarify the expectations for our open ended assessments for 2nd quarter.  Here is a summary of the number of passages and questions and focus standards that I’d like to see on this quarter’s assessments.

Open Ended Guidelines

There are released items from the Smarter Balanced company that we will review to serve as a model for our work.

3.  Beginning with Math Benchmark Scores and Running Records, grade levels will clarify their plans for Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions at this point.  What are we doing for students who are not mastering Math Benchmarks and not at grade level in reading?  I know there are already many things in place at the class level and, in some cases, at the grade level.  The goal is to discuss what is working and what we can do to improve our interventions for these groups of students.


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