Friday’s Staff Meeting

We have two agenda tasks for this Friday as follows:

1.  Develop a lesson using technology for content creation

2. Receive information about a UCSD study that we will be participating in this school year. (Meeting at 2:30 in the auditorium)

Here are the details.

Every teacher has selected a technology goal centered around student content creation.  This Friday you will have time to develop at least one specific lesson with the web tool or application of your choice where your students can be involved in content creation (e.g. creating a video, publishing their writing or product, creating a voice thread, podcast, blog post, etc)

To facilitate this work, we are asking teachers to meet in like groups related to one of the following: (Rooms were selected based on teachers who are working on that tool)

Edmodo (502)

iPads (303)

Storybird (403)

Pinterest (606)

WordPress (704)

Other (Would you like to volunteer your room for another tool?)

At the end of the day, you will need to post your lesson idea in the following form to be completed within the next two weeks. (3 weeks for 6th grade since they don’t have Wifi at camp!


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