I realize the last couple collaborations have included more than the normal number of directed agenda items.  These are all tasks that are included in our Site Plan as part of our schoolwide initiatives.  However, I am also aware that these are not the only priorities of grade levels and classroom teachers. Therefore I wanted everyone to be aware of the opportunities for grade levels to meet during the remainder of 2nd quarter.

Friday Nov 9 – CPR Refresher Half the staff will be getting the CPR lesson while the other half will be on their own.

Friday Nov 16 – SST Documentation Refresher and Tier II and III Interventions

Friday Nov 30 – Grade Level Time to be determined by Grade Level

Friday  Dec 7 – No Meeting by contract

Friday Dec 14 – Grade Level Time to be determined by Grade Level

Friday Dec 21 – No Meeting by contract

Collaboration Nov 13, 14, 26 for Grades 1-6 agendas determined by Grade Levels.

I hope this will help you plan out the final weeks of 2nd quarter with your grade level teams.
Enjoy the spectacular Fall Weekend in beautiful San Diego and pray for our friends on the East Coast.

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One thought on “Time

  1. Thank you for posting this. Knowing what we have ahead allows us to plan for Fridays and what we want/need to include in our final collaboration for the quarter. Giving us two Fridays to freely choose what we need to work on as a grade level is extremely beneficial for everyone.

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