Superintendent’s Visit

In preparation for the Superintendent’s visit, here’s what I will tell him that he will see:

Our focus this year has been on checking for understanding through a variety of participatory techniques and he will see student engagement with the content and with each other.  He will also be asking about English Learners who are “stuck” at a certain CELDT level or below proficient on CST.  I will let him know that our teachers know their English Learners and provide strategic partners for them to serve as language models as well as scaffolding the instruction through process charts, visuals, and language frames among other strategies as needed.   He will definitely go right up to those students to ask him what they’re learning etc.

I’m always excited about such visits as Natalie and I see the wonderful work you do with your students day in and day out and we’re eager for others to see the quality instruction and student learning.  Enjoy the visit.  We’ll be in classrooms from approximately 8:45 to 11:00 and the visits aren’t all that long.  Otherwise, business as usual.



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