End of 2nd Quarter Asssessments

Here is a summary of the Assessments that need to be completed before Winter Break.  All of these must be inputted in OARS before December 21.

1.  Running Record

2. Writing Sample – This should be the summative sample for your writing genre of 2nd quarter.  The majority of the grade levels were working on Informational Text.

3. Math Benchmark II – If you are modifying from the District Benchmark, please notify Natalie who can assist with creating the appropriate OARS template and answer sheets.

4. Open-Ended ELA assessments – These are our Salt Creek assessments for grades 1-6.  Scantrons for these will be put in your boxes by Monday, December 3rd as most grade levels will be implementing this between December 3 and 14.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance.


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