Wrapping up 2nd Qtr and heading for 3rd

Rounding Second BaseWe are inside 10 days of the end of 2nd quarter and are all eagerly anticipating a much-needed Winter Break.  This post will be a springboard of information for our work during 3rd quarter.  I wanted to give you all information well in advance.  Rest assured that none of this information is timely for December, so if thinking about January 2013 gives you a headache, happily save this reading for the New Year 🙂

The Friday schedule is below and located  in Dropbox  under Salt Creek Staff > Schedules.  These events are also noted on our Google Calendar:

Fridays 3rd Quarter 2013

We will be administering Blueprint A again this year as a dipstick of our student’s ultimate performance on CST.  While I would love to ditch this altogether, there are two reasons we cannot 1) It’s in our Site Plan and 2) I don’t have the guts 🙂

Blueprint  A window : January 21 – 31 – This includes English Language Arts and Math and will take 2-3 days per assessment to administer.  You can administer any time during that window, however each grade level needs to have specific dates that the entire grade level will implement.  The copies have already been made.

Open Ended Assessments 3rd Quarter – Congratulations on your outstanding effort to create and administer these assessments this quarter.  We have come along way in creating assessments that will allow our students to show what they know as opposed to multiple choice assessments that provide less information.  For 3rd quarter, these assessments will be created by administration as the amount of time it takes for grade levels to design would be better spent collaboratively planning instruction to help students attain the lofty goals embedded in these assessments.  To that end we will need each grade level to notify us of your standards of focus for 3rd quarter. I will send a survey in a separate post asking you to choose 2 standards from Reading Comp, Literary Response, and Vocabulary Development. I assume these standards are already included in your Curriculum Maps but wanted you to notify us directly in case they have been modified.  As always, use the comments for any clarifying questions.



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