LASW Open Ended Assessments

With the scantrons of Open Ended assessments flowing our way, it’s imperative that we take this critical formative information to design our instruction for the next quarter of the school year.  Please put LASW/Open Ended Assessments on one of two Grade Level Collaboration times: Either…

Friday, December 14 or

Collaboration of Jan 29, 30, 31

Grade levels should be looking for patterns and trends and developing common instructional routines to address our students current level of performance.  Our work with ILT in January and February will address one instructional strategy (close reading and annotation) that should have a positive impact in this area.  Finally, Please send me copies of the actual open ended assessments of the target students that Natalie and I are working with.  We will send those names to you by e-mail since that is a more secure method.  Thanks a million



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