School Shooting in Connecticut

There was a school shooting in a Connecticut Elementary School this morning so I wanted to bring this to your attention and let you know of the information that we are communicating to our parents who have called in reaction to this event.

First and foremost, the incident in Connecticut is a tragic event and our hearts go out to the families affected.  As always, student safety is our #1 priority.  We have a closed campus where any visitors MUST enter and sign in in the office in order to gain access onto our campus.  We have a School Safety Plan in place where we practice different types of drills monthly.  It is a District requirement that we practice Lockdown Procedures twice a year. We have a drill scheduled for next week as our previous December drill was postponed.  We will take the knowledge of this incident and reflect on our own safety practices to see how we can improve.  We have our School Safe Plan in the office that was developed with the input of parents, staff, and law enforcement, and you are welcome to review it anytime.

Just wanted you to know what we are communicating to parents.



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