2013-14 Budget Survey

Because of changes in the classified contract language, we need to give notification on possible reductions of positions in January for the 2013-14 school year.  Please review these major budget expenditures and give your input by Tuesday afternoon.  Based on the first budget projections for 2013-14 we will need to cut $10,000.  The items below include the amount of money needed to fund them at 100%.  You can choose to cut one item by $10,000 or divide the cuts over several items so long as your cuts total $10,000.  Ask clarifying questions in the comments so that everyone can benefit from your question and the subsequent clarification.  Thanks in advance for filling this out by Tuesday afternoon so that SSC can make the final decision this Wednesday afternoon.


4 thoughts on “2013-14 Budget Survey

  1. Upper Grade Support is indeed included in the contract, however how it is applied at each school is not specified. The language of 10.7 reads in part “….generate a plan to address upper grade working condition issues related to class size …”
    If our current plan is fully funded based on staff input, nothing changes. If it is a top vote getter for cutting, we would need to form a committee, per the contract, to discuss how to address this issue in a different form. Just to clarify, I am not endorsing a cut just listing it as one of many possibilities. Cheers

  2. Really? I mean once this is gone and cut form our school budget do you really think it’ll come back? And honestly, does a “we should all get it or no one get it” mentality be the judge of this? How many more teacher benefits do we need to cut before we smarten up?

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