Spelling Bee

Last Thursday we were invited to participate in a spelling bee with Cook Elementary and Olympic View and it looked like a great opportunity to get our best spellers a chance to sharpen their skills.  With the leadership of Ms. Martinez and the assistance of PTG parents we will hold a school-wide spelling bee the morning of January 26th (Saturday).  What we need from teachers is to provide a list of your top 5 spellers in your class.  You can create this list based on your observation of spelling assessments or you can hold  a brief spelling bee this week.  Please use the first option if you are pressed for time (and who isn’t?).  We will need the names by Friday and we’ll call to confirm their attendance on the 26th.  More details are included in the attached flyer.  After we get our school-wide winners, we will compete against the other schools on Saturday, February 9.

Spelling Bee

From the 5 names you submit we will select 2 per class for primary and 3 per class for upper grades to compete on January 26 and we will use the other names as alternates if the top spellers are not able to attend.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Please send in your names by e-mail before leaving on Friday.  Thanks in advance.


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