Kicking Off 2013

Happy New Year Salt Creekians

I hope you have enjoyed  ringing in the New Year and are ready to return to our work with the little people of Salt Creek.  Here is the schedule for Monday:

Morning Snacks – I’ll make coffee and bring bagels.  If others would like to add some pastries, donuts, and fresh fruit, etc. that would be dandy.

9:00 – Staff Meeting in Auditorium on SST Documentation with Shannon Cleator (very happy Niner fan)   This should take no longer than 90 minutes and possibly less.

Lunch – Please give your Subway sandwich order to Norma in the morning and we’ll get that ordered and picked up by noon.

Grade Level Task.  Natalie and I will be developing the 3rd Quarter Open Ended Assessments for grades 1-6.  Please fill out this form below with the standards of emphasis  for 3rd quarter. That should cover it. I’m looking forward to joining you all for another quarter of learning and adventure in the Salt Creek community.


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