Reading Challenge

The purpose of the Reading Challenge is simple.  We want every student to read more these two weeks than they have read during any other two week period this year.  If that is accomplished, it will be a great success.  The FRIENDLY competition is to encourage some camaraderie  and esprit de corp among your students.  Without being prescriptive here are a few self-regulating guidelines for you all.

Please make sure students don’t drop down several reading levels to chew through simple books to get some easy points.

Monitor percentage proficient on tests.  Scores below 80% should be dropped by teacher. (No, I won’t be policing this.  Remember the words self-regulating)

The only incentive offered is a banner!  If you want to provide other incentives, go for it.  In my opinion, reading is its own reward.  I would encourage that thinking over and over.

Fun ideas: Have kids give book talks, create book reviews on video and post to Edmodo (use those iPads)

Above all else, enjoy the excitement with your students and share your reading life with them.




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