iPads in the Classroom

This page will be dedicated to ideas and resources for using iPads in the classroom.  iPads can definitely enhance engagement with current curricular goals and open doorways to more creative applications of student learning.  According to the first article below, there are three uses for iPads (or any technology really).  1.  Practice a skill  2. Research information 3. Create content.  Although I focused our grant writers on the third item, all three are legitimate means to increase learning with these tools.  I hope this pages is helpful as you explore how this tool can enhance the learning of our students.
General articles about iPad use

Apps in the Elementary Classroom

iPad 4 Schools – Great site with app reviews for both students and teachers, current blog posts, and great ideas for creating a technology-infused classroom

1:1 initiative

App Reviews – Here are several sites that review apps.  If you see something you like, you might want to jump to these sites to check out their reviews.

Education Apps Review

iPads in schools Live Binder


Recent Posts

Spirit Week

Spirit Week next week, June 3-7

Monday: Moustache Day (wear a moustache or maybe even moustache glasses)

Tuesday: Time Travel Day (Dress from a different time, past or future!)

Wednesday: Super Hero Day    (Dress as a superhero that we’re all familiar with, or create one of your own)

Thursday: Idiom Day (Wear something to represent an idiom–you’re feeling blue, green with envy, raining cats and dogs, piece of cake, little bird told me, apple of my eye, out on a limb, go the extra mile, etc.)

Friday: Mountain Lion Day (Wear our school spirit wear or school colors–blue and grey)

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