Reading Challenge Update #1

Some of you all need to pick up your game!  I’m going to need to start publicly shaming 6th graders.

Grade Teacher 7-Mar
0 De Los Reyes 1
0 Delgado 3
0 Farar 6
0 Jones 13
0 Allinger 33
0 Totals 56
1 Keyes-Hernandez 18
1 Moller 22
1 Vera 27
1 Hernandez 39
1 Stone 308
1 Lidstone 324
1 Totals 738
2 Fernandes 5
2 Macias 11
2 Fallon 18
2 Marquez 22
2 Laws 48
2 Hansen 97
2 Totals 201
3 Greenzweig 6
3 Herrera 13
3 Schultze 15
3 Mielke 22
3 Escalona 41
3 Jones 56
3 Totals 153
4 Maes 129
4 Basto 137
4 Sandoval 158
4 Kriss 244
4 Totals 668
5 Muhlbach 112
5 Hale 173
5 Pembleton 219
5 Totals 504
6 Kelly 0
6 Chan 8
6 Nagai-Dube 9
6 Jimenez 90
6 Totals 107
2, 3 Petitt 57
4, 5 Haber 47
4, 5 Escamilla 117
5, 6 Ricketts 196
5. 6 Given 53
Combos Totals 470

Reading Challenge Clarification #1 (Because there will probably be more :)

1. It appears some folks have never eliminated tests and that causes more trouble than it’s worth, therefore don’t eliminate any tests.  Just monitor students percentage and coach those with low percentage to make sure they are not taking tests of books they haven’t read.

2. Friday quizzes do not count.  I start the count this morning at 8:15 AM.  (Actually this is the fairest we’ve ever had in this regard as everybody had the same notice as everyone else 1:05 on Friday – therefore no one could horde quizzes for Monday morning – not that this every happened in the past 😉

The Rules Committee of One

Reading Challenge

The purpose of the Reading Challenge is simple.  We want every student to read more these two weeks than they have read during any other two week period this year.  If that is accomplished, it will be a great success.  The FRIENDLY competition is to encourage some camaraderie  and esprit de corp among your students.  Without being prescriptive here are a few self-regulating guidelines for you all.

Please make sure students don’t drop down several reading levels to chew through simple books to get some easy points.

Monitor percentage proficient on tests.  Scores below 80% should be dropped by teacher. (No, I won’t be policing this.  Remember the words self-regulating)

The only incentive offered is a banner!  If you want to provide other incentives, go for it.  In my opinion, reading is its own reward.  I would encourage that thinking over and over.

Fun ideas: Have kids give book talks, create book reviews on video and post to Edmodo (use those iPads)

Above all else, enjoy the excitement with your students and share your reading life with them.



Open Ended Assessment Battle Plan

Must be the end of the quarter as the temperature is rising literally and figuratively! 🙂

Here are some modifications to the Open Ended Assessment Plan so that we can all get them done and stay sane in the process.

1st and 2nd grade will do their assessments on paper.  Natalie will copy those assessment for you ASAP.

3rd through 6th will do their assessments in the lab and I will schedule lab time for each grade level so that each class has between 1.5 to 2 hours blocked off to make sure every student has time to finish in one sitting, which is highly preferred. (don’t do multiple sittings without talking to me first)

Also, I suggest that you have the students read and annotate the texts in class before heading to the lab to answer the questions.  With that in mind, based on talking to a few of you this morning I will block off time for grade levels as follows:

5th Grade –  Feb 26-Mar 1 – since at least some of you want this info for report cards

4th Grade – after March 5th Writing (March 6-8)

3rd and 6th – Please indicate 2-3 days in the comments below where you would prefer to take this assessment and I’ll create  a schedule in the lab for your assessments.

Questions are welcome in the comments section.  Thanks for your flexibility in getting this and all the other quarterly assessments done.